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  • Participation in Laidley Spring Festival Street Parade
  •  Date Posted: Tue, 9 Aug 2022
    Participation in Laidley Spring Festival Street Parade
    LRPA Members past and present are invited to join our walking float in the Laidley Spring Festival Street Parade.
    The theme this year is "Swing into Spring." Wear your own costume, LRPA Shirt or meet us at the costume shed (behind Laidley Cultural Centre) at 8am to choose a costume from our stash.
    Muster is at 9.30am at Ferrari Park and the parade starts at 10am. We will walk two laps of Laidley CBD, handing out flyers for our upcoming show 'The Importance of Being Earnest'.
    We hope to have a healthy representive of our members and loads of fun to boot.
    So dust of your theatre garb and come on down. If you dont want to be in costume your still wanted and can wear your T-Shirts from past shows.
    Wear enclosed footwear, a hat, sunscreen, and bring water.
    Your contact person for the day is committee member Linda McNeish. Please let us know if you can participate.
    Stick around and enjoy the festival after the parade. You can find out what's on at 
  • White Sheep of the Family by L. Du Garde Peach
  •  Date Posted: Wed, 17 Feb 2021
    White Sheep of the Family by L. Du Garde Peach
    A English comedy sure to surprise and entertain you.
    Due to Covid-19 we have postponded this event until the latter half of 2021
    Until then if you need more information call Brian on 0488113666.
  • Rehearsals Begin!!!
  •  Date Posted: Wed, 26 Jun 2019
    Rehearsals Begin!!!
    We are underway with our rehearsals. beginning this Sunday 30 June from 12:00pm. We usually conclude around 4:00pm with a short break for refreshments.
    If you would like more details don't hesitated to make conact with us.
  • Audition Call!!!
  •  Date Posted: Tue, 4 Jun 2019
    Audition Call!!!
    Auditions for A Christmas Carol
    Children and adults of the Lockyer Valley are encouraged to attend auditions for our next production, Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol.

    Major and minor speaking roles available for actors of all ages, as well as chorus (non-speaking) parts. We are also seeking volunteers for backstage, costuming, and front of house.

    No preparation for the audition is necessary. You will be invited to 'cold read' for your preferred part on the day.

    Auditions will start promptly at 12pm on Saturday. Please arrive 10-15min early. Call backs may be required for some parts. This will take place on Sunday 12pm. You will be notified on Saturday if you are required for a call back. We recommend you wear comfortable clothing, and bring a water bottle and some afternoon tea.

    New and renewing members will be provided with membership forms and information at the audition. A membership fee is required to help cover insurance costs.

    Rehearsals are every Sunday commencing on 30 June 1pm-4pm. Performance dates are: Fri 1 Nov, Sat 2 Nov, Sun 3 Nov (matinee), Sat 9 Nov, Sun 10 Nov (matinee). Additional rehearsals will be held in the week leading up to opening night. Please ensure you can commit to the performance dates and rehearsal schedule.

    Character Descriptions
    are available here!

    Below is a brief character list and the number of lines for each.
    Character No. of Lines
    Ebenezer Scrooge 323
    Charles Dickens 120
    Bob Cratchit 82
    Fred 63
    Mrs Cratchit 46
    Miss Belle (Ebenezer's Fiance) 43
    Ghost of Christmas Present 43
    Jacob Marley 40
    Laundress (Mrs Dilber) 34
    Ghost of Christmas Past 28
    Ebenezer (Age 20) 28
    School Master 25
    Mr Fezziwig 24
    Old Joe 22
    Mr Buckworthy 20
    Martha Cratchit (Age 15) 13
    Undertaker's Man 13
    Fan (Ebenezer's Sister Age 12) 12
    Charwoman 11
    Topper (A party guest) 10
    Belinda Cratchit (Age 13) 10
    Gentleman 1 9
    Peter Cratchit (Age 17) 9
    Tom (Fan's Husband) 8
    Businessman 3 8
    Street Boy 7
    Belle's Husband 6
    Sara (Fred's Wife) 6
    Gentleman 2 5
    Theatre Manager 4
    Shopkeeper 4
    Young Scrooge (Age 10) 4
    A Raucous Lady 4
    Caroline Buckworthy 4
    Businessman 4 4
    Businessman 5 4
    London Bobby 3
    Miss Fezziwigs (1. 2. 3.) 3
    Dick Wilkins 3
    Businessman 1 3
    Businessman 2 3
    Mother 2
    Mrs Fezziwig 2
    Belle's Daughter (Little girl) 1
    Tiny Tim 1
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